Vampirina Renewed for a Second Season!

This is just in: Disney Junior has picked up a second season of Vampirina!

In case you’re not familiar with it, the show follows a young vampire girl, Vampirina, who learns to adjust to city life after her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.

Lauren lends her voice Vampirina’s mother Oxana Hauntly, opposite James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) as her husband Boris. Their characters run a bed and breakfast for visiting ghouls and goblins.

No airing date yet, but in the meantime, please enjoy this new behind the scene picture of Lauren on your left 😊 (bigger size in our gallery)

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Lauren to appear on “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel”?

In a interview with The Telegraph to talk about the (well-deserved) Golden Globes wins for The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (streaming on Amazon Prime), Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed it’s likely that Lauren will appear on the show!

Here’s what she has to say about it:

There has, they say, been “literally no discussion” about doing a series based around Rory’s pregnancy, which is where the last episode ended. It is likely, however, that a Gilmore Girls star will appear in a future episode of Mrs Maisel.

“I’m talking to Lauren [Graham]. We’re crafting her character… She wants something very specific,” says Sherman-Palladino. It’s news that hadn’t even reached Brosnahan, who happens to be a big Gilmore Girls fan and whose response – “Stop it. What? Amy has not said this to me! That’s amazing!” – likely sums up that of all other fans out there. Roll on season two.

Lauren has already talked about a possible appearance on Amy and Daniel Palladino’s new show during an interview with The Los Angeles Times in May 2017. To watch what she had to say at the time just click “Play”, the video will magically start at the right time 😉

To read Amy and Dan’s full interview click here (you have to register for free to read the article): How Mrs Maisel got so marvelous: Rachel Brosnahan and Amy Sherman-Palladino on the making of their Golden Globes sensation.
The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is available on Amazon Prime and the pilot is streaming for free on Youtube.

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“Talking as Fast as I Can” is a Goodreads Choice Award Winner!

Super Awesome News! “Talking as Fast as I can” won the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award in Best Humor 🎉📚

Also super awesome: to celebrate their win, Goodreads asked the authors to share photos of themselves reacting to their victories. Here’s Lauren’s adorable pic and note:


Even more super awesome: Lauren’s brand new and shiny interview with Goodreads contributor Kerry Shaw where she discusses her writing process, her book club, and the best life advice she can offer. She also talks about her upcoming fun giftie mini-bookIn conclusion, Don’t Worry About it” (available on April 3rd):

GR: I know you’re coming out with a graduation book in April 2018. What inspired that?

LG: My dad was trying to get me to give a graduation speech at my high school. I said, “Dad, I haven’t been there in a million years!” He thought it would be fun for me to be home and to look back on high school. And it was.

The book has evolved; now it’s pretty far from the speech. I had thought about including it as a bonus chapter in another book, but my agent said, “I feel like this is a fun book on its own, and rather than waiting for your next book of essays, which is probably years away, or the next novel, which is way overdue, here’s something that’s manageable and would be a fun gift for people.”

So it started from the speech and then it became something else. In my speech, I used the template of the roles I got in high school and how they were reflective to me of what happens later in life. Like the idea that I probably had as much fun—or more fun—being the nobody in the chorus as I did when I eventually got the leading role.

As a person who has gotten to do what she wants for a living, I was trying to convey the mixed blessings of success. It didn’t feel like it was a giant book, and it didn’t feel like it was like an essay that belonged anywhere else. Hopefully it’s a nice bite-size bit of encouragement.

Click here to read the full and very inspiring interview: Interview with Lauren Graham

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“Curb Your Enthusiasm”: Article, New Promo Pic and Promo

In his weekly talk to THR about “Curb Your Enthusiasm“, executive producer Jeff Schaffer aswered THE question about Larry and Bridget’s relationship (yay more Lauren!):

Bridget (Lauren Graham) also left Larry at brunch. Is their relationship over?

Larry and Bridget had a big fight — it was a go-home argument. But you’ll see in the next episode that they are still together. This is not the way they go down. And by the way, Elizabeth Perkins gets an unbelievable amount of respect for how many times she ate so much ketchup. It’s one thing to write and shoot all the ketchup jokes — it’s a completely different thing to be the person eating all of that ketchup take after take. I loved that Larry starts off that first brunch by apologizing for the other episode and saying, “That’s not a true representation of who I am.” When, we all know that’s exactly who he is. And then he’s trying his hardest to be good and when she starts pouring the ketchup, he just goes after it like a dog after a bone and can’t stop digging.

New promo still from this episode:

click on the pic for a larger version

A pretty BTS pic shared on twitter by Alanna Fox who played a server on the episode:

And here’s the promo for the next episode (unfortunately no Lauren in it):

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“Curb Your Enthusiasm”: New Promo Stills

Here are two new promo stills for this week’s new episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” airing tomorrow night at 10 on HBO:

Click on the pics for larger versions

FYI, Lauren’s chambray blouse has been added to our fashion section here 😃

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Article and Fashion

Jeff Schaffer, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” executive producer talked to THR about the latest episode of the show and of course about Lauren’s role :

How did you go about casting Graham — were there others who tried out for the role?

The character, Bridget, is going to be around for a while and we knew it was going to be a pretty big part for the final half of the season. So it was important for us that Larry had someone who he felt super-comfortable with. But it had to work both ways. He had to be comfortable saying anything in front of her, and we also had to make sure that it was someone who would be comfortable saying all of these foul things, too. We didn’t actually audition this part. We just talked about who would be great for this, and Larry thought she would be perfect and she was. He can say anything around her and she rolls with it. She was comfortable saying anything on the planet in front of Larry.

What about Graham did David think would work, and what was it like when they shot their scenes?

Lauren and Larry have an effortless connection. She walked in and it felt like they had been dating for a long time, it was so easy. The very first scene of her story was the first time she was on set, and she had to say the filthiest things on the planet. She was laughing and saying, “Oh, my dad was going to be so happy that I was on Curb.” Larry knew her a little bit socially and just got the great vibe that Lauren gives off. She is an incredibly giving and receptive actress and a great listener, so it’s very easy for him to improv with her.

More here: ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Boss on Why Larry David Is Ready for a New Love Interest

Fashion addicts, one of Lauren’s top from the show has been added to the fashion section:

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