Scott Patterson on Lauren Graham and Gilmore Girls

Scott Patterson (Luke on Gilmore Girls) recently gave an interview to about his upcoming new show The Event. He also talked about Lauren and his work on Gilmore Girls :

Going back to your Gilmore Girls days, what was it like to be on a show for seven years?

I mean, in Hollywood, to have a job for seven minutes is good. Seven years is, you know, unthinkable. It’s a gift from above, what can you say? I just felt lucky every day.

Where did your character, Luke Danes, come from?

I think Amy [Sherman-Palladino, the show creator] saw in me a lot of similarities with this guy and I happen to agree with her. I’m not terribly castable. I don’t know that I have a wide range of characters that I can play, but this one was right in my wheelhouse. I really understood him. He was a bit of an outsider, a little bit of a malcontent, well-read, opinionated, doesn’t suffer fools, that kind of a thing. And I think she saw in me an essence that could really bring this character to life, without pushing the acting. A very naturalistic style of acting.

How did you develop that chemistry with Lauren Graham?

Oh, it was just there. You know, I was not a series regular on the pilot. I was just a guest star, and the chemistry was so evident that they came at us and made a deal [for me] to become a series regular. It either happens with two actors or it doesn’t, and in this case, it really did, sparks really did fly.

Now it seems like everyone from Gilmore Girls is back on TV again—Melissa McCarthy is on Mike & Molly, Lauren Graham is on Parenthood, and Matt Czuchry is on The Good Wife, to name a few. Do you keep in touch with any of them or follow their work?

In touch yes, follow the work, no. I mean, I caught a little bit of Lauren’s stuff on Parenthood, just an episode and thought it was terrific. I haven’t seen The Good Wife at all. It’s just basically text messages, once in awhile you run into somebody in a restaurant, but everybody’s busy, you know. If you’re on a show, you’re busy, you don’t have any free time. But I wish them all well, I think they’re doing terrific stuff.

Is it true what they say about those massive Gilmore Girls scripts? Were they really that difficult to learn?

Well, it’s like anything else, you know, it’s like a muscle and you develop it and you strengthen it the more you do it. But I knew that we were going to be okay. One of the first episodes we did in Season 1, we were in the make-up chair and they threw a ten-page scene at us that had just been written. And they wanted to shoot it in 20 minutes. And so Lauren and I just learned the scene and we realized that, at that point, we could do anything… That gave us a clue as to what our abilities were and what we could handle… It was a great training ground, I’ll tell you, because I can pretty much handle anything anybody throws at me with any amount of prep time. So that’s one of the benefits of that show.

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