More about Lauren’s Five-Week Slimdown on has revealed more about Lauren’s Five Weeks Slimdown! To get in shape for her cover shoot, she also used a meal delivery service:

Getting in shape relies as much on what you eat as how often you work out, so to revamp her body for our October cover, Lauren Graham did more than just hit the gym — she also used a meal delivery service to keep her calories under control.

Graham challenged herself to work with trainer Michelle Lovitt to get a toned body in time for our cover shoot, but in order to shape up in only five weeks, she also turned to Paleta, a meal delivery service, to make sure her diet was just as effective as her workouts.

She says that having these healthy, pre-made meals taught her to eat right more than any diet she’s ever tried.

“One thing I’ve learned is I actually don’t like variety very much,” she told SELF. “I like having the same thing over and over: assorted lean proteins, arugula salad, quinoa or brown rice with soy sauce, olive oil, lemon and salt. Those ingredients can pretty much get me through the week.”

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