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LaurenIn a new interview with, Lauren talks about her writing schedule and the books she would have like to write among other interesting things:

4. What’s your writing schedule like? Do you sit down at the same time every day? Do you have a word quota you try to meet?
Because I have no consistent schedule as an actor, it was difficult to develop one as a writer. Ideally, I’d like to write first thing in the morning, every day. But sometimes I’m called to set before the sun comes up, or I’ve worked late the night before, or I’m on a plane. So on this book, I tried for consistency in terms of quantity. I used an app that would ding at a thousand words, and I tried my best not to check it along the way until it chimed. Usually I’d cheat, or start looking something up on the internet that I assured myself was VITAL to the pages I was working on, or get distracted and start googling patio furniture (Restoration Hardware is having a sale! Time is of the essence!). Eventually, I realized that procrastination is directly related to fear, and I came to the staggering (yet completely obvious) realization that I couldn’t improve upon something that didn’t exist. I had to allow for an unwieldy, possibly very unattractive, first draft to exist if I had any hope of polishing it into something I liked better.

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