“Parenthood” 100th Episode Celebration: Associated Press Video & Articles

New video about “Parenthood” 100th Episode Celebration with interviews with the cast:

Several websites have posted articles about the event, sometimes with interviews:

From biography.com:

What is a favorite storyline or memory from the set?
Lauren Graham: I loved working with Jason Ritter (Mark Cyr) and the storyline of dating a younger man and what those problems were. I always think that’s unexplored territory, like: What are those issues?

What is going to be the takeaway for you from this experience?
Lauren Graham: I have said this before but I grew up most of my life an only child, and on this show, we do scenes with tons and tons of people and it’s fun. It is sort of like, when in doubt, gather a group of whatever your family is — whether they are blood or people you chose. It is always therapeutic.

From extratv.com:

Celebrating the milestone was emotional for Lauren Graham, who said, “The reason you have a ceremony with a giant green inedible cake… is to just mark the moment. So today feels emotional.”

Also, due to the number of news we’re having at the moment about this event, we’ve made a whole dedicated section on the website to organize them! You can check it out here: “Parenthood” 100th Episode Celebration 🙂

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