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Lauren & MaeGreat news! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lauren and her former Parenthood costar (and BFF) are teaming up to adapt “The Royal We“, the book by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks (the creators of the for CBS Films:

Graham will write the script for the project, which is being eyed as an acting vehicle for Whitman. The duo will also produce.

Published earlier this year by Grand Central Publishing, We takes its cues from the real-life courtship of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The story is of an American girl-next-door moves to England to study at Oxford and falls in love with a fellow student, who happens to be the future King of England. There’s even a red-headed troublemaking brother on one side and a sister on the other. And there’s his need for secrecy, her sudden tabloid fame and the royal family’s many requirements.

More about the news here: Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman Teaming Up to Adapt ‘The Royal We’ (Exclusive)

[UPDATE] Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks gave an interview to

Former Parenthood co-stars Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are teaming up to bring the book to life in a movie adaptation for CBS Films. (The Hollywood Reporter reported the news first.) “Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are both such smart, awesome women,” Morgan tells PEOPLE. “Our book could not be in better hands.”

They also wrote about the news on their website:

Our reaction can be summed up thusly: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have consumed any media in your life, then Mae Whitman has either made you laugh, or cry. Probably both.  Independence DayOne Fine Day (SHE KNOWS INTERN GEORGE YOU GUYS… ahem, as do we obviously)! Arrested DevelopmentParenthood! And obviously, Lauren Graham is just the best. In short: This project has TWO Bravermans attached. That is two more Bravermans than we ever thought we’d meet.

Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman Are Turning the Fug Girls’ The Royal We Into a Movie! –
Your Afternoon Exciting News: The Royal We + Lauren Graham + Mae Whitman = YAY

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