Little Things Make a Good Post 4th Edition: Gilmore Girls Revival, The Royal We, Lauren’s Book Club and a Pic from Middle School


Gilmore GirlsAs reported by TVLine,  Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos gave an update (kind of) on the Gilmore Girls Revival during the Television Critics Association winter press tour last sunday (Jan. 18th):

“I can’t tell you much about Gilmore Girls,” he said. “We’re still working on buttoning down everything before our announcements.”

Still no official announcement yet but, as you might know by now, the sets are currently being reconstructed on the WB lot (photo proof here and here) and according to the professional website shooting starts Feb. 2.


Lauren and MaeIn an interview with, The Royal We authors, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, talked about its adaptation to the big screen by Lauren and Mae:

You made a big announcement that the book will be adapted to the big screen. As a big Parenthood fan, I was so excited to see that Lauren Graham & Mae Whitman will be teaming up for this adaptation. How involved will you be with the film adaptation of your book and tell us about what was that moment like when you heard the news?

JESSICA: Oh, it was BEYOND exciting! We didn’t really expect that the book would be optioned — I think every writer hopes that it happens, but no one really thinks that it will — and it’s still so very surreal. Lauren and Mae are so smart and kind and really everything you could hope for; I feel incredibly grateful and really excited about the entire thing. We got really, really lucky. That said, I don’t know how creatively involved we will be — contractually, not at all, and that’s fine! We totally trust Mae and Lauren to do the book justice. As I said to them, I really just want to be in the room when they cast the hot British dudes. I don’t need to have a VOTE, I just want to get to eyeball them from the back row.

HEATHER: It is basically now their boat to drive. If they tell us there’s a seat on it for us, then great! If they tell us we can ride it for half an hour once, that’s fine too. If they never speak to us again, that’s totally their call (although it would make us sad, just because as humans Mae and Lauren are truly even smarter and cooler than we imagined). We have no expectations of anything, and are just grateful the book is in loving and intelligent hands.

Read the rest of the interview here: Sundays With Writers: The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan


Here are Lauren’s latest book recommendations if you missed it!

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A new still from the movie, which wrapped filming this week, has been added to our gallery and the fashion section has been updated with the jacket Lauren is wearing on the pic.

Middle School

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