Bank On Booksellers – A Charity Auction Event: Bid on Lauren’s Piggy Bank

Bid on an adorable piggy bank decorated by Lauren, it’s for a good cause!

In the spring of 2016, Parnassus Books’ Manager of Books for Young Readers, Stephanie Appell, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at the age of 29. Parnassus Books co-owner and bestselling author, Ann Patchett, and the team at Parnassus enlisted the help of more than 100 authors, illustrators, and celebrities to decorate piggy banks to help offset the costs associated with Steph’s treatment.

To make an even greater impact, Parnassus has committed to donate a portion of the funds raised to the Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need. Along with fellow author James Patterson, Patchett serves as co-ambassador this year of Binc, which has been leading the way in assisting booksellers in need for 20 years.

Every piggy sold helps not only Steph, but booksellers in need across the country as well. We invite you to bid early and often, and thank you for your support of booksellers everywhere. Book people are the best people

Lauren's Piggy Bank   Lauren's Piggy Bank

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The auction starts on September 25th. Click here to bid on Lauren’s piggy bank: Bank On Booksellers – Lauren Graham

More info about the auction:

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