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In a new interview with Parade, the Gilmore Girls talk about the show’s return, their friendship, Edward Herrmann’s absence and share some Thanksgiving memories. The article includes two stunning pictures of the two leading ladies 😍

Gilmore Girls - Parade

The actresses went on to other memorable roles after leaving Stars Hollow. Graham starred in Parenthood. Bledel guest-starred in Mad Men, where she met her husband, actor Vincent Kartheiser. But the Gilmore actresses have a new crop of fans, thanks in part to the original shows being released on Netflix. “I’m always like, ‘I’m 100 years old now, how do [fans] even recognize me?’ ” Graham says. “I’m always in glasses with my hair on top of my head, but they love the show so much that they see through my disguise.”

Over the years, Graham and Bledel have stayed close. “This partnership is extremely important to me,” Graham says. “Over the years we’ve gotten to see each other and enjoy time that we didn’t have before.” But with Bledel living with her husband and their son in New York City and Graham in Los Angeles with her partner, actor Peter Krause, they don’t get to see each other very often.

Gilmore Girls - Parade

Graham offers a pro tip: “You can keep anything warm in a rice cooker for an extremely long time without it drying out. We usually put the mashed potatoes on one side, stuffing on the other side and then gravy in a hole in the middle. You can keep that warm for days on end.”

Bledel likes to have football playing in the background.

“Do you even know who’s playing?” Graham asks.

“Nope, don’t care,” Bledel says.

Graham likes to throw a ball out on the lawn. “It gets the guys out of the house.”

Not that she minds having people in the kitchen. “I don’t necessarily want help, I just want company.” Except that time her dog pulled the baked Brie off the counter. “She didn’t eat it, she just had it, and I walked in the kitchen and said, ‘Drop it!’ She did, and I was like, that’s fine—I served it anyway. People were really looking forward to it, I couldn’t let them down.”

Read the full article here: A Gilmore Girls Homecoming: Catching Up With Lauren Graham & Alexis Bledel 

photos: Jim Wright/Atelier Management

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