Article: ‘Gilmore Girl’ Lauren Graham on Growing Up Around the World –

Lauren talked with The Wall Street Journal about “growing up around the world” and how inspiring was her mother. ❤️

Three weeks after I was born in 1967 in Honolulu, my parents moved to Tokyo. My dad, Lawrence, had been in Hawaii studying Vietnamese after joining the U.S. Agency for International Development, which helped foreign governments.

In Japan, my mom, Donna, and I lived with my mother’s mother as my dad went back and forth to South Vietnam. My mom had been a Baptist missionary kid who grew up in Tokyo, and her parents were still there.

My mother was the oldest of four sisters, and they all had learned Japanese. She modeled a bit and wrote articles for the English version of Reader’s Digest in Japan.

After we returned to the States in 1972, my mom and dad divorced. My parents were only 22 when they had me. At the time of their separation, my mom was in art school trying to become a painter. When they separated, she agreed that I’d have more stability if I went with my father. He and I were close and always had a good time together. He took me everywhere.

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