Gilmore Girls: Lauren Solves Revival Mystery –

Back in November, Lauren revealed to TVLine that “Fall” was her favorite episode because of her character’s growth and the fact that it gave her and Amy Sherman Palladino the opportunity do something they “always talked about.” She resolved that cliffhanger to Michael Ausiello.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Lorelai riding a horse 😉

“Given the theatrical nature of Amy’s language, I wanted to do the longest monologue that had ever been done on television,” she explained to me. “I wanted to test the boundaries of that and I wanted to see if that was something of interest to her.”

Turns out, it was.

As shooting was about to commence on the revival, Graham recalls, “Amy kept saying to me, ‘Remember? Remember when you asked me for a real monologue? Well, you’re getting one [in ‘Fall]’. And that was the speech I delivered [on the phone] to Emily about [Richard]. That’s what I was referring to.”

Source: Lauren Graham Solves Gilmore Girls Revival Mystery: ‘It Was [Spoiler]’

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