Article: Lauren on Why Lorelai’s Most Pivotal Moment Involved No Dialogue –

In this new interview with, Lauren talks about returning to Lorelai Gilmore after 10 years, that pivotal moment, and why she’s actually more like Rory:

Strangely enough, Lorelai’s most emotional moment in the entire Netflix series involves no dialogue at all. During Stars Hollow: The Musical when she’s spurred by the song “Unbreakable,” she makes a bold decision: to pursue Cheryl Strayed’s Wild journey (book or movie?) and hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

“That song is genuinely moving. And she sees in this person, a loneliness, a vulnerability, and I think the song is about that being a fact of life, that it’s human to realize you’re not unbreakable and you’re not an island. In that moment, the real actor-y way to think about it is that she knows she has some growing up to do. She realizes she’s kept herself isolated in some way and hasn’t really given over to this person in her life, and so she’s going on a soul-searching mission and that connection to that song is what sends her forward.”

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