Pictures: Variety and Shutterstock’s Actors on Actors Portraits Studio

Ahead of the release of Lauren and Constance Zimmer’s conversation for the Actors on Actors series (which should happen soon!), Variety has published 2 pictures, a solo portrait and one of Lauren and Constance, both accompanied by quotes:

“Christopher Reeve said he knew a part was right for him when he just couldn’t stand the idea of anybody else doing it. And that’s how I felt about Lorelai. I was like, ‘Get out of my way.’ I just felt like it was mine.”


“Meryl Streep said that when she was reading a script and she bumped up against something that she didn’t like or didn’t want to do or didn’t think was true to the character, that very often it was the key to the character. I think that’s such an interesting dialogue because you become so possessive of these people you play.” (here and here)

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