Lauren to be on Ellen!

🎉 📅 SAVE THE DATE! 📅 🎉

Lauren will be a guest on The Ellen Show on Thursday February 13th to talk about her new show “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” which will air new episodes starting Sunday Feb. 16th at 9/8 c on NBC!

The show is syndicated, so check out the local listings to know when and where it airs.

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NBCUniversal Winter Press Tour: Pictures, Videos and Articles

Lauren attended the “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” panel during the 2020 NBCUniversal Winter Press Tour last week and we got a lot of contents 😉

Pretty pictures are in our Gallery :

You’ll find videos interviews just right below:

There was also some live tweeting from the Panel :

And two articles / interviews :

Information about the website: you’ve probably noticed a tiny little delay (yes a week is a tiny little delay) in the updates around here. I have a good excuse: I’m currently over 8 months and a half pregnant and I’m just exhausted lol So, until everything got settled in the next month(s), be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Watch the Premiere Episode

Lauren finally made her long awaited return on our screens last night!
If you missed it, you can now watch the premiere episode!

The show will be back in its regular timeslot on Sunday February 16, 8/7c on NBC

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Pictures and Videos: Lauren at the 77th Golden Globes Awards

Lauren attended the 77th Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles last night and looked stunning! 😍

You’ll find pictures in our Gallery. FYI, the third thumbnail is a link to the various pretty pics found on social media 😉:

As previsouly announced, she was one of the presenters:

She also promoted her new TV show, Zoey’s Extraordinaty Playlist premiering tomorrow night on NBC, with her costar Jane Levy on the red carpet:

And also this gif 😍


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