Video: Bold Voices: A Live Music Benefit for WriteGirl

Last week, Lauren gave the welcome message for Bold Voices: A Live Music Benefit for WriteGirl, an online Fundraiser to benefit WriteGirl. The event was live streamed on Facebook on Saturday May 30.

You can watch her pre-recorded message just below (the video will start directly with Lauren):

WriteGirl is a nonprofit creative writing and mentoring organization for underserved teen girls, you can donate at!

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Video: Live & In Conversation on Instagram

If you missed Lauren’s conversation live on Instagram with Indigo last night because of the time difference for example (😉), or if you liked it so much you want to rewatch it, you can!

Lauren talked about her current reads, her writing projects and much more!

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Video: The Cast of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” Reveal Season 1 Experiences

Lauren and the cast of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” recently got together to talk about the show’s first season and that very emotional final. You can watch the video right below 😀

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Video: A To Z: ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ – Entertainment Weekly

Here’s the alphabet according to the “Zoey’s Extraordinay Playlist” cast!

Lauren has the letters “G” and “O” 😄

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Event: Live & In Conversation on Instagram: Lauren Graham

Save the date! Lauren will be in a live conversation with Indigo on their Instagram account on May 20, 7pm ET 🙂

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Podcast: The HFPA In Conversation

Lauren was the guest of the latest edition of “The HFPA In Conversation“, the podcast of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

Listen to the podcast and hear what kind of rescue dog she adopted; how Gilmore Girls inspired her to write and how the idea for her first novel crystallized during her work on Parenthood; how was her first years in Los Angeles – did she even have a plan B?; what’s her views on women’s opportunities in show business, now; why she was born in Honolulu; what kind of kid she was; how she got into acting; why she studied for two college degrees; what kind of odd jobs she has done; what happened on her 32nd birthday; what kind of memories she has from the Golden Globes; does she plan to work with her partner Peter Krause again?; what is her obsession; and what she hopes for the future.

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