Go On: Matthew Perry on Lauren and her character

In an interview with Zap2it.com, Matthew Perry talks about having Lauren on his new show, Go On, and tells more about her character, Amy:

“She plays a character named Amy, who was an old college buddy of mine, and there were some sparks back in college, but then my character got married,” Perry says. “Now that things have changed in his life, Amy comes back. It was really fun to work with [Graham] again — she’s just so good. There were some sparks there, which is the first time Ryan has had any kind of feeling like that in a long, long time. So it was really interesting.” […]

“We’re talking about a story right now where he really throws himself out there into the singles scene, and it’s pretty funny,” he says. “So I think just like any other human being, he’s going to evolve and move forward and start to get into that world, for sure. And Lauren Graham — you couldn’t ask for a better person to come on the show and jump-start that.”

Lauren’s episode is scheduled to air on November 20th!

source: ‘Go On’: Matthew Perry on Lauren Graham and Ryan getting back out there

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