Sesame Street: more info about Lauren’s appearance

Remember Lauren’s cute Sesame Street segment that aired last October? Today has published more details from the set:

As a kid watching Sesame Street, Graham loved Bert and Ernie’s banter and was a Cookie Monster fan as well. She also had an affinity for a certain trash can-dwelling green monster.
“I really loved Oscar the Grouch, partially because if I was having a crappy day, my dad would say, ‘Oh, you’re like Oscar the Grouch!’ I always thought that was sort of cool ’cause he was grouchy but also funny. I never took that as an insult,” the actress told EW on the set of Sesame Street.

Click here to read the complete article which includes more funny details: Actress-novelist Lauren Graham teaches kids the word ‘author’ on ‘Sesame Street’

And here’s the video to refresh your memory 🙂

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