Lauren at the Voice Awards 2014 [UPDATED]

Lauren attended the 2014 Voice Awards last night in Los Angeles. She and her Parenthood co-star Ray Romano presented Jason Katims with a Career Achievement Award for his efforts to educate television audiences about the experiences of people dealing with behavioral health challenges and their journeys to recovery.

Here’s a picture from the event:

Voice Awards 2014 - Postclick on the pic for the full-size version / (PRNewsFoto/SAMHSA)

UPDATE 08/16/14:
After presenting Jason Katims with a Career Achievement Award, Lauren also presented Greg Dicharry with the Consumer/Peer Leadership Award. You can watch her introduction here: Greg Dicharry’s Voice Award from SAMHSA 2014
A few people have posted pictures from the event on Twitter. You’ve seen them already if you’re following us there, but just in case, we’ve made a special page: 2014 Voice Awards Pictures
The fashion section has been updated with the pretty top she wore that night: 2014 Voice Awards –

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