Article and Pictures: Lauren Graham ’88 Welcomes New Students

Barnard College official website has published an article about Lauren’s visit to the annual Alumnae Book Club at the first-year student orientation two weeks ago:

Lauren - Barnard 14

However, “It was so many of the things I did that had nothing to do with school that gave me these incredible experiences,” she said, citing “life changing” trips to the Broadway and off-Broadway shows. She urged students not to work so hard they forget to venture beyond the campus gates. “[It] will really bring you incredible gifts if you get out there and use not only this experience at school, but use the city too. As you grow older, as you grow up here, both things will be a part of you forever.”

Click here to read the full article: Lauren Graham ’88 Welcomes New Students

They also shared pretty pictures of the event on Flickr: Lauren Graham Alumnae Book Club

ALL PHOTOS - Lauren Graham Alumnae Book Club

photo: Barnard College/Sam Stuart

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