Article: Lauren’s Grub Street Diet

Lauren is featured in this week’s edition of the Grub Street Diet and it’s awesome! So, stop whatever you’re doing and head over to read all about Lauren’s week in New York in her own words:

Lauren - Grubb Street

Thursday, December 11
My boyfriend and I both had our last day of work on the series Parenthood yesterday, and this morning, he got up at 3 a.m. to announce the Golden Globe nominations. You know, just a normal week. So when he returns home, we’re both pretty bleary-eyed, not to mention unemployed. We’re also both traveling today and there’s nothing to eat in the house. Wait, yes there is! Erika Christensen gave us all homemade zuchinni-ish Christmas bread yesterday. Where is that Christmas bread?

A-ha! It’s in the car along with the toaster oven and throw pillows and Nespresso pods and everything else I haven’t unpacked yet from six years’ worth of stuff that has accumulated in my trailer at work. We have coffee with coconut creamer and agave syrup, ‘cause we live in L.A., and Christmas bread toasted with butter. It’s delicious, and saves us from eating something random from the freezer.

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credit photo: Melissa Hom

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