Interview – “Lauren Graham Says Her Character’s Ending on Parenthood Is ‘Satisfying’”-

Lauren - Parenthood Season 5In a new and lenghty interview with, Lauren talks about the end of Parenthood, the long life of Gilmore Girls and her next book which is supposed to come out “late spring or early summer” (YAY!):

What do you think has given you the confidence and the courage to continue to pursue acting no matter what?

I love doing it so much that I was fighting for the chance to do it for the living. There’s a voice that overpowers the one that says “You can’t do this.” If something didn’t work, I would get a new teacher or take another class or take another turn. Every roadblock I would try to find a way around. But it was hard. Things just came together in the way they sometimes do when I came out to LA. It started being easier. I got enough practice and confidence that it became easier. I don’t know how people do it now. We didn’t have all these things, like American Idol, that make fame look like the prize. I didn’t ever think about becoming known. I’m so thankful not to have had because it kept me focused on “What am working at?” not the exterior of “How does it look and what am I getting?”

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