Little Things Make a Good Post: Lauren & Mae are BFFs, more about The Odd Couple & New Pictures

In this more than usual animated post, you’ll find, as indicated in the title, 3 different things: more evidence of Lauren and Mae being BFFs, some new info about about Lauren’s guest starring role on The Odd Couple and new pictures from her latest appearances.




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Yes, we already knew that, but it’s always good to hear. While Promoting her new movie “The Duff“, Mae mentioned her friendship with Lauren a few times:

First, on

On personal style: “Rachel Antonoff is one of my best friends, so it’s easy for me, as somebody that’s not that fashion savvy, to just call her and be like, ‘I need three outfits!” and she’ll send me things. But, also, Lauren Graham, who plays my mom on Parenthood, is one of my best friends. We have days where we’ll go shopping and try to find new stuff…I’m really into ’90s style. I’m also really into Japanese style right now. I can’t get enough of really interesting materials with weird lines.”

And, of course, during her HuffpostLive video interview:

Lauren Graham is my best friend, and Dax [Shepard] is my family, and Miles [Heizer], who plays my brother, he’s my roommate, he lives with me in real life,” Whitman said. “We bonded in this way that is so unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

Click here to watch her pick her favorite on-screen parent and share her feelings about Alexis Bledel : ‘Parenthood’ May Be Over, But Mae Whitman And Lauren Graham Are Best Friends Forever


Lauren - The Odd Couple - BTS

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about “The Odd Couple“, Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon and producers of the show talked about Lauren and her character (Lauren will play Gaby, Oscar’s ex-wife):

Perry: That was an interesting thing with the Lauren Graham episode [where she played Oscar’s ex-wife, Gaby]: we bicker in the beginning, and the audience did not like that. They wanted to see us get along.

Daily: They came to embrace it, but you’re right, at first [they didn’t].

Perry: “We don’t want to see these two people, we don’t want to see them fighting.” Hopefully [Lauren] will be able to come back and do more.

Daily: We’d love to have her come back once or twice every season.

Speaking of Lauren’s character, what can you share about Gaby’s interaction with Oscar?

Perry: One of the things that was important to me in playing Oscar — because he’s kind of a scoundrel and he’s a womanizer and drinks and gambles — [is] where the heart comes, he kind of longs for his ex, and misses that relationship a little bit. Lauren and I have been friends for 10 years, and have a great chemistry together. People liked seeing us together. I liked the element of Oscar missing that relationship and wishing he could have it again, and not being able to.

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3. PICTURES: Our gallery has been updated with pictures from Lauren’s latest appearances. You’ll find pictures from Late Night with Seth Meyers, TODAY, her visit to SiriusXM and the backstage selfie she took on The Ellen Show back in September. Click on the pictures you want to see to… see them.


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