40th Anniversary Gracies Awards: Pictures & Article

Lauren attended the 40th Anniversary Gracies Awards last night in Los Angeles.

She presented her Parenthood costar (and BFF) Mae Whitman with the Outstanding Female Actor in a Breakthrough Role award.

The Gracies Awards Gala honors programming by, for and about women as well as individuals at the national level.

Gracies Awards  Gracies Awards  Gracies Awards

Update: Vulture.com has posted a very wonderful recap of Mae’s acceptance speech:

After giving Graham a big hug, Whitman admitted that she was “crying already” and extolled the genius of Lauren Graham: “When you’re acting with her, I could go in and not have any idea what I was doing and look into her eyes and know that I was going to be taken care of, because she’s truly the most elegant and smart and funny and classy person I know.”

Whitman recalled the scene in the penultimate episode where their characters have a heart-to-heart right before singing Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game.” “They let us improvise a lot on Parenthood,” said Whitman. “That was one of the last scenes we shot together after six years of building this relationship with our two characters, and so right before we were about to cut — I added, I looked at her and it just came out — I said, ‘You’re my hero,’ and that really wasn’t a line. That came from Mae Whitman to Lauren Graham: So she’s my idol and my hero.”

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Click here to read the full article: When Mae Whitman Called Lauren Graham Her Hero on Parenthood, She Actually Meant It

Re-update: The complete video of Mae’s acceptance speech, with Lauren’s presentation is now available for you viewing pleasure:

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