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In this post, you’ll find new video interviews of Lauren and her co-stars promoting their movie MAX as well as interviews Lauren did with and People magazine:


Lauren also talked kids, confidence and being ‘Cool Aunt Lauren’ to

Family has often played a large role in a lot of your films and on TV. What would you say is most important to you about family?

I have two thoughts about that. One is, I have an amazing family, and they never don’t benefit from more communication. And then I also have a family that I’ve created, which is my boyfriend and his son, and our friends—our extended family, in that sense. Both are important to me. I just think the more you show up, the better things tend to be. And I also don’t hold grudges. That, to me, has been a really important thing to learn that I see in other families—people really hang on to some injury or some conflict that happened, and I just have never been that way, and it’s always served me. It’s never not served me to just forgive and forget and move on.

Click here to read the full interview: Lauren Graham Talks Kids, Confidence and Being ‘Cool Aunt Lauren’

And she’s also featured in this week’s issue of People magazine:

Lauren - People - June 2015click on the pic to read the article
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