Article: An Abridged Oral History of Jerry’s Girlfriends on Seinfeld –

To celebrate the arrival of Seinfeld on Hulu, GQ recently published “An Abridged Oral History of Jerry’s Girlfriends” in which they talked to 14 of “Jerry’s Girls”, Lauren included, about their experience on the show:

Lauren - Seinfeld


Lauren Graham (“[Her] speed-dial’s like a relationship barometer!”): I got a call on Friday to audition on Sunday. That Saturday night was my 30th birthday party, and then I had this audition at like nine in the morning the next day. So I can’t say I was the best rested I’ve ever been. But I’ll never forget how generous Jerry was in terms of laughter. I had worked as a waitress at a comedy club, and lots of comics just get in the habit of not laughing at things that are funny.


Lauren Graham: You know, I think I’ve done as much press for my one episode of Seinfeld as I’ve done for anything else I’ve been on! [laughs]

Read stories from the others “Jerry’s Girls” here: An Abridged Oral History of Jerry’s Girlfriends on Seinfeld

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