Interview: Lauren dishes on the biggest surprise of Gilmore Girls –

Gilmore Girls - 15th AnniversaryTo complete their coverage of Gilmore Girls 15th Anniversary, also published an interview with Lauren where she reveals “that the biggest surprise of Gilmore Girls was how it resonated with viewers and industry execs alike — not to mention how long it lasted.“:

“I had done a lot of TV but I don’t think anything had gone – I did like six episodes and 12 episodes and a season of something,” Graham told EW. “I remember Peter Roth, who’s still the president in an even bigger position of The WB, coming to visit me in my trailer. I was like, ‘Oh that’s nice!’ I realize looking back, that’s never happened to me before or since. It made me realize the show was really important to him and the network. ‘The studio heads always just stop on by your trailer’ – no, they do not.”

Read the full interview: Lauren Graham dishes on the biggest surprise of Gilmore Girls


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