“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”: Behind the Scene Pictures and Article

The highly anticipated Gilmore Girls Revival is featured in this week issue of Vanity Fair Italia (Vol. 44, with Charlize Theron on the cover) with exclusive set and behind the scene pictures!


(click on the pics for larger size)

You can read the article with cast interviews (in Italian) and analyze more exclusive pics here: Una Mamma per Amica, il revival: notizie e foto esclusive dal set

Theguardian.com also has new cast interviews in this beautiful article: ‘It’s sunny and safe’: why Gilmore Girls is perfect comfort TV

Since this month’s revival was announced last October, there has been endlessspeculation as to who Lorelai and Rory will end up with. It’s an irritating framing of the show’s return; personally, I’m more interested to know which newspaper Rory ends up writing for (in the series finale, we left her covering Barack Obama’s campaign trail for an online magazine). “The boys are sort of incidental,” agrees Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai, as we chat under the town’s gazebo while my inner fan girl does a jig. “It’s more about their relationship, their work – it’s just a piece of their life.” When she says this, I’ve never wanted to go for a martini with her more. (That is what Lorelai drinks to get through dinners with her parents. It’s also how I came to be that 22-year-old tosser who ordered martinis wherever I could.)

In his latest “Ask Ausiello” column, Michael Ausiello did some teasing about good Gilmore Girls things coming our way starting Monday (which is TODAY), so stay tuned 🙂

 If you like Gilmore Girls and love TVLine, or if you love Gilmore Girls and like TVLine, or if you love both Gilmore Girls and TVLine equally, then good things are coming your way beginning this Monday.

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