Picture: Lauren on the set of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

As you know, Lauren is recurring on the next season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (yay!).

So far we have no info about her role or an airing date but Larry David’s stand-in Rolly Devore shared this pretty pic of him and Lauren on set (along with a cute story):

MY TRIBUTE BAND JOURNEY BEGAN YEARS AGO ON THE SET OF "THE GILMORE GIRLS" TELEVISION SHOW. It was a big hit that aired on the WB network at the time, starring actress Lauren Graham. They filmed it at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, and I worked as a "background actor/musician" on a few episodes several years ago. I was set up in a scene one night with a girl named Renata, and we kept in contact after the shoot. This was in the days of "My Space" where you could have a sample of "top friends" on your webpage. I got online to see Renata's page, and saw a "Who Tribute" band in her "top friends" section. Being a huge WHO fan, I checked out the band's page, and noticed they had an upcoming show in Huntington Beach. I went to see the band, and was particularly impressed with bass player Mike Bisch, and guitarist Darren Lolk. Afterwards, I got in contact with Mike online and told him half jokingly/half seriously, "Let me know if you ever need a drummer, and I'll put on a wig." A short time later he asked me if I wanted to come and jam with him and Darren. We got together, and it was musical magic. We ended up forming my first "Who Tribute" band, and everything took off from there. While I may have found my way into the "tribute band world" later on, this is how it all came together for me, and my life changed for the better in so many ways. I can trace the beginning of the entire thing back to that night when I was working on "The Gilmore Girls." OK, now fast forward through time to just a few weeks ago, when I was working for LARRY DAVID on the set of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Guess who happens to be guest starring on the show this season? None other than Lauren Graham, the star of THE GILMORE GIRLS! One day on the set while we were shooting, I told her the story you just read, and showed her a bunch of photos of my tribute band adventures that all started while I was on the set with her years ago. The "full circle" felt complete. #curbyourenthusiasm #laurengraham #synchronicity #rollydevore #thewhogeneration #thegilmoregirls #larrydavid

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