“Curb Your Enthusiasm”: Article, New Promo Pic and Promo

In his weekly talk to THR about “Curb Your Enthusiasm“, executive producer Jeff Schaffer aswered THE question about Larry and Bridget’s relationship (yay more Lauren!):

Bridget (Lauren Graham) also left Larry at brunch. Is their relationship over?

Larry and Bridget had a big fight — it was a go-home argument. But you’ll see in the next episode that they are still together. This is not the way they go down. And by the way, Elizabeth Perkins gets an unbelievable amount of respect for how many times she ate so much ketchup. It’s one thing to write and shoot all the ketchup jokes — it’s a completely different thing to be the person eating all of that ketchup take after take. I loved that Larry starts off that first brunch by apologizing for the other episode and saying, “That’s not a true representation of who I am.” When, we all know that’s exactly who he is. And then he’s trying his hardest to be good and when she starts pouring the ketchup, he just goes after it like a dog after a bone and can’t stop digging.

New promo still from this episode:

click on the pic for a larger version

A pretty BTS pic shared on twitter by Alanna Fox who played a server on the episode:

And here’s the promo for the next episode (unfortunately no Lauren in it):

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