“Talking as Fast as I Can” is a Goodreads Choice Award Winner!

Super Awesome News! “Talking as Fast as I can” won the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award in Best Humor 🎉📚

Also super awesome: to celebrate their win, Goodreads asked the authors to share photos of themselves reacting to their victories. Here’s Lauren’s adorable pic and note:


Even more super awesome: Lauren’s brand new and shiny interview with Goodreads contributor Kerry Shaw where she discusses her writing process, her book club, and the best life advice she can offer. She also talks about her upcoming fun giftie mini-bookIn conclusion, Don’t Worry About it” (available on April 3rd):

GR: I know you’re coming out with a graduation book in April 2018. What inspired that?

LG: My dad was trying to get me to give a graduation speech at my high school. I said, “Dad, I haven’t been there in a million years!” He thought it would be fun for me to be home and to look back on high school. And it was.

The book has evolved; now it’s pretty far from the speech. I had thought about including it as a bonus chapter in another book, but my agent said, “I feel like this is a fun book on its own, and rather than waiting for your next book of essays, which is probably years away, or the next novel, which is way overdue, here’s something that’s manageable and would be a fun gift for people.”

So it started from the speech and then it became something else. In my speech, I used the template of the roles I got in high school and how they were reflective to me of what happens later in life. Like the idea that I probably had as much fun—or more fun—being the nobody in the chorus as I did when I eventually got the leading role.

As a person who has gotten to do what she wants for a living, I was trying to convey the mixed blessings of success. It didn’t feel like it was a giant book, and it didn’t feel like it was like an essay that belonged anywhere else. Hopefully it’s a nice bite-size bit of encouragement.

Click here to read the full and very inspiring interview: Interview with Lauren Graham

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