Cute Alert: An Update on Lauren and Mae’s Friendship

If you’re wondering if Lauren and Mae are still BFF in 2018, the answer is YES (if you had any doubts 😉). Mae, who is currently on a promo tour for her new NBC show Good Girls, answered the question a couple of times during the last days and it’s super cute.

First, during an interview for the Build Series, when an audience’s member directly asked her the question:

Then, she mentionned her “best friend in the world” while talking to Seth Meyers about the making of her Hamilton Challenge with Lauren and seeing Hamilton for the first time:

Here’s Lauren and Mae’s Hamilton Challenge in cas you had missed it:

She also talked about their friendship with The Lily:

TL: What’s it like playing a TV mom? Does previously being a child actor help you in your relationship with your TV kid?
MW: Playing a TV mom is very amazing, strange and sentimentally wonderful. I’m so used to sitting in the passenger seat of a car looking up at a TV mom, and now I’m sitting in that seat with this wonderful child [Izzy Stannard]. … So I do definitely feel like I have a leg up as far as knowing what it feels like to be in that place. I’ve had such amazing TV parents, including Lauren Graham [from “Parenthood”]. She’s someone I take a lot from. She’s always been such a mother figure to me. I take all of her advice blindly and I tell her everything. She’s also my best friend and our relationship has really flowered. I have the same kind of connection with Izzy, so I’m excited for him to be in my life.

TL: Can you tell us more about your friendship with Lauren Graham? Does she normally send Spanx to your hotel room, like we saw in one of your Instagram posts?
MW: It’s true, she did send Spanx to my hotel room once. Not only that, she sent me a dress because I’m completely inept at being able to dress myself in the mornings, frankly. Lauren is literally someone whom I’ve had write break-up texts for me. She is an all-purpose, amazing resource that is this magical treat. She’s always there for me and it’s so hard to be away from her, but the fact that I get to have her in my life forever is something I’ll be thankful for the rest of my life.


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