Podcast: The HFPA In Conversation

Lauren was the guest of the latest edition of “The HFPA In Conversation“, the podcast of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

Listen to the podcast and hear what kind of rescue dog she adopted; how Gilmore Girls inspired her to write and how the idea for her first novel crystallized during her work on Parenthood; how was her first years in Los Angeles – did she even have a plan B?; what’s her views on women’s opportunities in show business, now; why she was born in Honolulu; what kind of kid she was; how she got into acting; why she studied for two college degrees; what kind of odd jobs she has done; what happened on her 32nd birthday; what kind of memories she has from the Golden Globes; does she plan to work with her partner Peter Krause again?; what is her obsession; and what she hopes for the future.

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