Have I Told You This Already? – Read an excerpt or TWO!

Only 8 days until Lauren’s new book’s release! If you’re tired of waiting, you can now read not one but TWO excerpts (or wait for another 8 days if you don’t want to be spoiled 😄)

You can still preorder the book here : Have I told You This Already?

The first one, titled “How I Find Humor in Aging” was published on TIME.COM

Years ago, I was in Amsterdam with one of my friends, Jen. We’d smoked pot that day. Try not to be upset about this. In Amsterdam, that’s what people have for breakfast with their Pannenkoeken.

While walking through the city, I tripped and fell for absolutely no reason. After I fell, I lay on the ground for a moment in shock. I wasn’t hurt or anything, I was just surprised. My shoes were tied, the pavement was smooth, and I hadn’t been wildly weaving or jumping around or even walking very quickly. And yes, I was a little high, but not in a way that would have led to forgetting how to walk. There was really no excuse at all for me not to be upright. I looked up from the ground and said, “Jen! Gah! What if, someday, I become one of those people who just falls for no reason?” We found this idea so outrageous, so hilarious (because, high), that we laughed and laughed. To me, lying there on the ground, barely into my early 30s, falling for no reason was something that happened only to much, much older people.

Click here to read the full excerpt: Lauren Graham: How I Find Humor in Aging

If you want to read more from the book, all you have to do is click on the pretty book cover just right below! PenguinRandomHouse.com made the first 37 pages available online 😃

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