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Lauren is the November digital cover star for NewBeauty!

Congrats on the book. What’s the process like for you to sit down and write? Is it enjoyable or does it feel like you have homework?

It’s somewhere in between. I had a long flight not that ago where I didn’t bring my laptop because I didn’t have anything due. That was probably the first time in five years that happened. It felt good, but a little bit like I was forgetting to do something. This whole “other career” has been great, but it means sometimes I have a script due, then sometimes I have edits…it’s never just the writing process itself. So, yes, I would say it can get pretty homework-y.

I try to trick myself into finding it fun, and then sometimes you just ride the wave—that’s the best way I can describe it. Sometimes, the idea and the willingness to work on it come together at the same time, and that’s really enjoyable. For me, it’s the same feeling I get between action and cut. It’s a mix of good concentration and catching a wave.

They always say don’t force it.

It’s like anything—the more attention you give it, the more attention it gives you. And the longer you drop out, the harder it’s going to be. I literally find it’s like having a conversation: If you stop talking to your characters, they stop talking to you, too.

That’s a good way of putting it. I’ve watched you since you were in Caroline in the City and Seinfeld. I know you’ve had so many characters that a lot of people identify with. Is there one character that you identify with the most?

It’s Lorelai, for sure! Gilmore Girls was a really magical marriage of what I like as an actor. I’m drawn to things that are very verbal and have an almost theatrical quality. That’s how I got started as a kid…being drawn to language and Shakespeare. My first play in high school was a play that had that kind of ’30s snappy dialogue. I like to think that Lorelai’s outlook—in terms of being a very upbeat person—is similar to mine, so she’s the one. That’s always the one.

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