5.02 – All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard

Parenthood - 5.025.02 – All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard

Written by: Jason Katims (developer), David Hudgins

Directed by: Lawrence Trilling

Original Air Date: 3 October 2013


Episode description:
An Amber alert rocks the Braverman family while Jasmine and Crosby have to walk on egg shells as the baby’s crying begins to take a toll on Jabbar too. Julia meets a school parent volunteer Ed Bliss and finds they have a lot in common. Meanwhile Adam and Kristina’s “wedge” issue could be the campaign itself. Hank makes a surprise visit to Sarah but leaves her with some advice on how to have an important talk with Amber, however, Adam’s opinion on the subject is in direct opposition. Zeek does not want to talk with Camille about the next stage of their life.

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Parenthood - 5.02

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