Parenthood – Season 3 – DVDs

Parenthood returns for its third season with 18 funny, surprising and always true-to-life episodes.  Big changes and big decisions await the colorful Braverman family, from welcoming a new family member and celebrating a new business venture to dealing with family illness and preparing for the future.   Starring a stellar ensemble cast and featuring guest stars including Jason Ritter (The Event), John Corbett (Sex and the City) and music sensation Cee Lo Green, Parenthood may be the toughest job you’ll ever love, but it’s a whole lot more fun with this family around…



The box set contains all the 18 episodes from  Season 3 and some extras:

– Deleted scenes (on every disc)

– Deleted Storyline: Drew seeks out extracurricular options

– Remember Me, I’m the One Who Loves You Commentary with Jason Katims

– My Brother’s Wedding Commentary with Lawrence Trilling and Mae Whitman

Where to order it :

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